Bold As Love w Bass

Was asked for this as a request at a gig last week. Looked for an OPB in case there was an ez find…I wanna play the leads. Couldn’t find one, so I made a file w some bass lines to go w me while I try to do my best Jimi impression. I’ll load a vid if I am brave enuff to try this at my gig tomorrow.

Bold_As_Love-_Jimi_Hendrix.sng (656.4 KB)

Use Rock with Bass drum Kit

For reference
Beat 1 is Vs & Chorus, so you go two times through
Beat 2 is just chorus
Beat 3 is just chorus again for the solo, I have it twice so I can lay loops separtely to layer the leads.
Beat 4 is the Key Change.
Outtro is just some fills w hits I copied in. Once I’ve run it live a few times I am surte I’ll make tweks but this is gonna get me able to run it tomoorw and see what happens.