Boom, Like That was written and recorded by Mark Knopfler on his album Shangri-La in 2004.
This cover was recorded by Quartus on March 2017 playing all instruments together with a Beat Buddy drum machine.

The lyrics detail the story of Ray Kroc and buying out the McDonald brothers’ hamburger restaurant. Kroc was a salesman for a milkshake mixing machine with 5 spindles called the Multimixer, and found out they were using 8 of these machines at a time. Surprised at what he saw, he pitched the idea of franchising their restaurant, and selling 8 of the Multimixers to each restaurant. When they wondered who will open the restaurants, Kroc said, “Well, what about me?” Ray Kroc was not the founder of McDonalds. Dick and Mac McDonald were. Kroc just helped to make it what it was today with his milkshake machine sales, and pitching the idea of franchising, something unheard of with restaurants at the time. The song isn’t about fast food restaurants in general, it’s solely about how Ray Kroc shaped the McDonalds’ restaurant into what it is today.

Nice space between the instruments and vocal. Enjoyed the backstory as well. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks!!!..must say the Bonham kit with the massive 28" kick drum which I used here is awesome!

Nice job…thanks for sharing!


Nice work.