Boomerang 111 and Beat Buddy

Hi, Please excuse what will seem a ridiculously simple question for most of you, but I have had anything to do with MIDI in my life (I’m a guitar player used to plugging a Strat into an AC30, that’s about the limit of my technical knowledge, so please treat me as a cretin). I have a Boomerang 111 which I use in very simple, basic ways. I have connected the Beat Buddy using IN/OUT Midi cable. I hit the Beat Buddy, I play chords or whatever on the loop pedal, but they aren’t in sync. Is there a very simple, beginner’s video or something you can direct me to, so I can see what I am doing wrong., or can someone advise me? Please assume you are advising a 5 year old… Thanks guys

I own a boomerang 3 and you must make sure you have installed the latest firmware update. Go to their site to read up on it. Also make sure the midi out on the beatbuddy is going into the Boomerang midi in.

When you say the latest firmware, do you mean the Beat Buddy web site…?