Boomerang III looper question

I’m using the Boomerang with the beat buddy and I would like to start the beats without fills and no side stick count ins. Just push down and beat buddy starts. No problem getting it to do this. Problem is with the endings. I like to end tunes by hitting both external foot switch’s at the same time and pause and crash happens beatbuddy stops. Again, no issue. The problem starts when I push down on the beat buddy main pedal after that to clear it back to the beginning so I can advance to the next song it starts again. Now if I set up the main pedal to start when I release it everything works the way I want it too. After pushing down the two pedals together everything stops and I get nice cymbal crash. Hold down the main pedal ,which is in pause mode, and it goes back to the beginning without making a sound and I can advance to next tune. Problem for me is I’d rather push down on the 1st beat than releases on first beat. Hope this is clear. Anyone else have this issue?

So this is something that we’re currently investigating a workaround to here at Singular Sound HQ. We may be able to patch it out in a future firmware update, but it has to do with the way playing the beat on the push works. Basically, if you set it to play on push, the second the beatbuddy gets that push command it’s doing a fill or starting a beat. When you do transitions with it, it actually for a split second plays a fill, then triggers a transition. This is fast enough that it’s not usually noticeable, and if a single sound from the fill is played it will usually mesh with the transition nicely.

However, if you were to end on pressing both footswitch buttons and then pressing the main pedal to end, it would likely produce a single kick drum or similar before realizing you haven’t lifted up your foot and then ending. So, it’s something we’re aware of, but are currently searching for creative ways to address.

Thanks Anthony! At least now I know and won’t waste time trying to figure this out.

Just a suggestion, change the pause pedal to stop and remove the outro on the BeatBuddy Manager, this way when you hit stop, the drum stops and the pedal is all set for the next song.

We didn’t think of that - I may start suggesting this to others from now on. :slight_smile:

That may be fine for some tunes. But I like to pause the drums in some songs. The Weight by the Band and Willin by Little Feat for example. So I need the pause function and I’m sure other people do to. But thanks Larry.

Is there a way to change the intro from a side stick to another sound like a hi-hat and or change the volumn or velocity? And I mean when you use the count in.

You could use the BeatBuddy Manager to create your own intro for a track with a count-in of your choosing, editing the midi note velocity and choosing instrument that way. If you still need an intro version of the song (say you’re playing multiple songs at a gig), you could just duplicate and save one as “w/ intro” and the other as “w/ count”.

Thanks Anthony. But than I would need to change the settings on the pedal in the middle of the gig. Not good for me. So for now I will just use the count in and set the pedal to start on release and deal with it until you guys update the firmware. I need to practice using the pedal, foot switch, and my boomerang looper at the same time. Pretty much know how to keep it simplest (for instance just use the looper on verse parts that I’m going to solo over) so I’m not dancing all over the place. I want to get myself to use this stuff without having to think about it and that means repetitions. Sort of like a golf swing for you golfers out there.