Boomerang III Phrase Sampler Midi Clock

I tried to hook up my Boomerang looper last night just before heading to my gig. No time before that. Didn’t work. Looper wasn’t getting the midi clock signal. I did a little reading and checked the firmware version on NY Rang. Whoops. Needs an update. No gig, so I’ll try that tonight.

I did use the BBC on some non looped songs, but the response was negative. The feedback so far us that people preferred the way I usually played the songs in the past and didn’t care the the BBC drums. Unwashed a bit surprised. I’ll keep working on it, but at the very least having the drums made it possible to play some songs I could never do without them.

With practice you will be able to impress people, I am sure :slight_smile:

I’ve been impressing people for years. :slight_smile: now to get the BBC to add, rather than detract,at a live gig. :-))