Boot Scootin Boogie

Boot Scootin Boogie
Brooks and Dunn

4 Versions in 2 Keys. All are One Press with Bass.
The complete song plays in the intro section of BeatBuddy.
Be sure that Intros are enabled in the BeatBuddy settings.
After the song plays it will progress to an empty loop.
You will need to manually end the song.
Included: 4 sng files, 4 midi files, chord sheet.

  • Boot_Scootin_Boogie_E_V1.sng
  • Boot_Scootin_Boogie_E_V2.sng (Lower Velocity & Quieter Snare)
  • Boot_Scootin_Boogie_F#_V3.sng
  • Boot_Scootin_Boogie_F#_V4.sng (Lower Velocity & Quieter Snare)

Technically the bass notes in these files are not the actual notes played by the bass guitar on the recording. Instead these are the bass notes played by the electric guitar.