Boss Footswitch question

Does anyone use the Boss FS-5U switch to work with the BB or the Aeros? I have a few of those and was wondering if I could get them to work.

This should answer your question

Two FS-5U’s are what I use with my BB. Set the ‘Polarity’ switch away from the jack. I did fabricate a cable which is two 1/4" TS plugs to 1/4" TRS using right angle type plugs. The BB sits on a stand at waist level so the knobs and buttons are within easy reach and FS-5U’s take care start/stop and fills.

Thanks , I tried to find that but I guess I didn’t dig deep enough :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I have, two of those. Sounds like
I’d have to Macgyver the cables. :wink:

MacGyvering is good, but if you want to forgo that…
This or similar…

My MacGyver’d cable…

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Since my Macgyvering skills only kick in when I’m being pursed by enemies I think buying the cable would be the better option at that price.:wink:
Thanks for the photo, that looks quite professional.

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