Boss RC 300 and Beatbuddy

I am planning to buy one looper but which one? I have two option Pigtronix infinity or Boss RC 300. However I am not sure which one is more reliable for sync?

Go the pigtronix. Boss loopers have God awful midi sync. Also worth checking out the boomerang and the voicelive 3 extreme.

Some of us use the iPad as a looper; it’s a little more complicated, but it’s the most advanced/customizable setup you can have.

Probably best to avoid Boss loopers as forum users report that the MIDI interoperability is sketchy at best.

or wait a little while until the Beat Buddy looper that’s in development / soon to be (??) is launched?..


Althougth Singular Sound announced a MIDI controller, they did not update their looper plans during Winter 2018 NAAM. So probably best not to wait on a Singular Sound looper.

That is very sad/disappointing to hear as many feel there isnt a good budget friendly ( <$350) looper option out there that syncs well with the BB pedal without major issues

My argument for this has generally been that most of us already have an iPad, so it’s not generally an additional cost (most gigging musicians will use one as a song book these days). The cost of using the iPad looper setup with Quantiloop is only the cost of the interface ($299 for the irig pro duo) and the app ($10).
There’s also the other benefits, like being able to automatically configure the BeatBuddy drums and tempo when you change song - so no need to bend down and tinker. Not to mention the all the great guitar, bass and vocal software suites available for the iPad (e.g. ToneStack, Bias FX, JamUp etc).

Yeah I know most musicians have an ipad already. I dont so thats why this is an issue. Probably should try and find a used one? or a good sale at Costco. I am and always have been an Android/PC guy so… Only Apple product I have is an old music iPod. My wife and son have iPhones but we dont have an iPad in this house. I already have an Amazon Kindle HDX 7" tablet and an 8" Android Tab A tablet so…no need to get another one. Wish I could use my Android Tablet instead. Sadly my Tab A tablet doesnt support the dongle to do any attached connections so…I wish I had know that at the time I bought it and had foresight to know I needed it :slight_smile:

Voicelive 3 extreme, I know but seems not very friendly use. That’s why I decide to have voicelive play seperately only for vocal and have another looper stand a lone. Boomerang is good but does not have preset memory. So, Pigtronix Infinty looks cover all my needs.
Do I need additional hardware for ipad as alooper

Thanks for the info, I never heard it and this is another option. Now I checked appstore and found 2 apps Quantiloop-Live and Quantiloop Pro. Do you mean one of those app?

Yeah - no difference between the two versions. The Pro version is the paid version, the other one is the free version that lets you upgrade to Pro.
Check out some of my posts. I’ve talked about Quantiloop on here quite a bit. There’s also some posts from Stephan, the developer of Quantiloop. If you do go this route, don’t waste your money on a cheap interface - get the one I recommend, which is the iRig Pro Duo.

I want to join in and STRONGLY ADVISE that you do not go with the RC300. The Infinity is a far, far better choice. I’ve owned both, so I know. The shortcoming of the RC300 is that it can only be a time clock slave to another RC300. It cannot be configured to receive time sync from the BB, so the BB must become the time sync slave to the RC300. The Pig can and does it well.
With all that said, Quantiloop has become king in this forum and if there is any thing worth investing your time and money, I recommend exploring that route IF you already own and iPad OR can afford buying one.

Thanks for your comments. Alreday bought Pigtronix infinity looper…

I have the RC-300 and I also have the Beatbuddy. Why is there only reviews for 2018?
Surely by now there is way to connect my Beatbuddy to the rc-300.

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There are solutions that RC300 users have posted. You’ll just have to keep searching the forum—you’ll find them.

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