Boss RC-300 MIDI


It would be cool if BeatBuddy was alittle more compatible with the Boss RC-300 as far as MIDI.

I’ve followed the advice given in this forum as to hooking it up with RC-300 being master and BeatBuddy being slave…but am still having difficulty keeping tempo the same.

Often when I hit the start/stop pedal on RC-300 it changes the tempo on my BeatBuddy.

I’ve looked at the Boomerang III and as awesome as it is it still doesn’t have the capability to save loops like you can on RC-300.

Creating, changing and saving loops for various projects used primarily in a home studio setting is why I chose the Boss RC-300 over all others.


You are just a little incorrect in your main statement.

It would be cool if Boss RC-300 was a little more compatible with the BeatBuddy (or, actually, any other MIDI Master device).

The problem is that if you replace your looper with just about any (non-Boss) MIDI-enabled one, BeatBuddy will work excellent, so the problem is not at the BeatBuddy end.

Unfortunately, the team has absolutely no way to influence Boss, or help it work better anyhow. So, you are best selling your looper ASAP and grab a normal one. I’d recommend Boomerang III (if you don’t mind not having an option for storing recorded loops). If that’s the case, however, I’d pick Pigtronix Infinity.


No, BeatBuddy doesn’t use such fractional BPM. What you are seeing is most likely an instantaneous BPM caused by interference in your MIDI cable.

BeatBuddy only sends MIDI quarter notes (besides starting with MIDI Start, and ending with MIDI Stop).

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Hi All.

I’m having syncing issues with the RC300 on the MIDI.

I was just a little concerned on the reply above as it seemed you had very little help in the issue as stated.

The RC300 uses part BPM (displayed BPM 119.8) and the Beatbubby will display 120. So after some tome there will be a noticeable lag in the timing of the Looper.

Being told another looper manufacture is better, is not what I was hoping to see on the forum.

Please advise the way forward here, not to change equipment, this is not a way forward for me

Many Thanks


PS Posting this X2 as I did not see it come up on here :0/