BOSS RC 300 - polyrhythm

I’m new here :slight_smile: very brief introduction. I’m a pianist and composer and I’m diving into the loop-stations world with my BOSS RC-300. I’m interested in creating multilayered music. Perhaps with the example and the result I aim, it will be easier for you all to understand.
In this particular piece on which I’m working I would like to achieve:
Track 1: measure in 7/4 (as base)
Track 2: measure in 7/4 (additional material)
Track 3: measure in 5/4, which is repeated 7 times to meet again with the downbeat of the 7/4 measure of Tr1 and Tr2.

I’m not working with the internal rythim pattern of the BOSS rc-300, I do everything on the piano. I tried to unlock some feature of the tracks settings (f.i. ‘loop sync off’). So far the only way to do what I want is to have ‘loop sync off’ AND ‘tempo sync off’ on all the three tracks… but if my timing in playing is not perfect the whole sounds is getting very messy.

Any other opinion?
Thanks in advance for the feedbacks.


Miracle on 34th Street… if we don’t make your product we will teach you how to use the product that you do own!


Boss loopers are not a Singular Sound product! Not sure if you will get your answer here.

Yes there are probably better places to ask for Boss looper advice, such as the VGuitar Forums

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Hey there, yes this is not really our specialty, we can’t say much of other company’s products, I do understand you asking us though, given the maker doesn’t care much about customer service :eyes:

Hope you find what you’re looking for!