Boss RC10-R equivalent beats

Does anyone have a list of the equivalent beats on the Beat Buddy for the beats on the Boss RC10-R?

For instance, on the RC10-R, I have been using the Funk 8Beat1 beat, and I have the funk premium expansion pack for the Beat Buddy, which gives me like 300 funk beats. I’m finding plenty of beats that are similar enough on the BB to the Boss beat, but want to really get it as close as possible for a project I’m doing. Any help would be appreciated!

The RC-10R does not have a midi out, so someone would need to try to replicate those patterns into a midi format to get exactly what you want.

I do have the Boss DR-880 patterns posted here:

You can look through those and see if there is anything useful. In my experience, Boss products tend to build upon prior products for content, so there may be some similar patterns.