Boss RC202 Loop Station

Anybody out there using a combination of beat Buddy, Onsong and a Boss RC202 loop station (with midi)? I currently have a Boss non-midi loop station, which, no matter how hard you try you can never get exactly right with the BB beats per minute. Even if you are only a fraction of a second out with the loop station by the time a couple of minutes has gone by the beat is waaaaay out of sync. I’m looking to buy a Boss RC202 or similar which has a midi in and out which in theory should cure the problem, but am unsure as to how I would set the units up (i.e. the relationship between the Beat Buddy/Boss RC202 and Onsong, so if anyone has any experience of this I’d be grateful to hear from them before I go and blow £250 on a new looper.

This appears to be a newer model from Boss. Don’t know if Boss has addressed the MIDI issues, but their loopers have been notorious for not playing friendly with the MIDI of the BeatBuddy. Maybe this newer looper will be different. Not to discourage you from buying however, if the store you buy from has a liberal return policy, it might be worth giving it a try.

Here’s a review: that seems to be favorable. I think the key factor you are looking for would be MIDI synchronization.

Thanks Persist. Good advice. Will definitely do some more research on this!!

As many users like Boss/Roland products, please let us know which looper you decide on and how it works with the BeatBuddy.

That is a huge problem when looping with a drum machine, you need midi.
I would not even look at a looper without MIDI.

I switched over to an app based looper that syncs with my BeatBuddy to my Ipad, it is a great move. Plus the updates are awesome.
9.00 US Dollars
I sold all my hardware loopers.

Know of a windows equivalent?

I’m also wanting to get my BB Mini to work with my Boss Acoustic Singer loop pedal.

I do not, but it would be worth getting an IPad.