Boss RC600 And time Signatures


I’m trying to loop a song that begins the verse with 2 Beats in the first bar followed by 9 bars of 4/4 time signature.

Then, I want on a different track the chorus which has 4 bars of 4/4 timing. After this chorus it starts again at the verse with the 2 beats.

I need the Rhythm to play the drum part. So if I change the time signature to say 2/2 I lose the ability to select Trad / Foxtrot.

Can anyone help?

Settings Loop:-

Single Mode

9 measures on Track 1

4measures on track 2

Loop SW = on

Sync mode = Loop length

SW = On

Settings Rhythm:-

Trad Foxtrot

Beat 4/4

Vari- Change = Loop end

I have the latest firmware

Just to clarify my first post, The first two beats at the beginning of the verse I can tag onto the Intro so it might be best to forget about those two beats.
The chorus which has 4 bars of 4/4 timing. After this chorus it starts again at another verse beginning with the 2 beats.

I have tried a load of different settings and they have all failed. Especially in:- Track 1 / LOOP SW = OFF The beat goes out of sync really bad. I have also tried having tracks 1, 2 , 3 4 on SINGLE And Tracks 5 and 6 on MULTI. I record a drum beat on 6 which plays over the other tracks, but that goes out of Sync as well.

I would like to know if it is possible to record the problem two beat bar with LOOP SW = ON ?? and how to do it because I have totally failed.

Did you figure this out? One thing I’ve done in a similar type of song is use stop all, then play the 2/2 and start both drum and 4/4 track. Definitely gotta practice the timing. Or if you have a free button you can set start for the specific tracks

Hope that helps