Boss RC600 thoughts

At first sight, this looks like the first looper that’s come close to Aeros features, and probably exceeds it in some areas.

I still think that aeros has more potential but can I politely suggest to singular that their window is closing. “It’s coming soon” is true of your competitors too.


Looks amazing so far and exceeds Aeros in a number of ways. 4 inputs (mic inputs!), 3 outputs, a built in beat bank with fills between part changes and allows for input of your own beat files (beat buddy replacement?), 6 tracks, and a whole lot more. All for $100 less than Aeros. Replace the beat buddy too and it’s $400-500 cheaper and has the power of boss engineers behind it. I’ll be using it “soon” as singular says :joy:. Like December soon! That’s probably before the midi commands update get released for the Aeros anyway.


It looks like it solves several of the Aeros’ problems. But, I’ll reserve judgement until Boss releases the manual. The RC line has had serious midi integration issues. The drum machine section of the RC 600 does not seem like it will be anywhere near as robust as the BB. If the RC 600 slaves to an external midi clock, other than another Roland/Boss unit, it may well be a better choice than the Aeros, Infinity, or Boomerang.


what the heck!!! take my money. literally selling stuff right now and preorder. 7 hells!!!

I think you gonna stuck with the beat parts, because you can not change anything !
Always the same beat , always the same fills, but maybe I’m wrong.

I posted a similar topic in the general discussion section. For me the Boss RC-600 is an Aeros killer…. SS have taken too long with updates and the Aeros is still way too far from what it was advertised to be…

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We have waited months, and even for some a year or two for updates. They come at a painstakingly slow pace. I am still waiting for wav import and longer song time limits so I can import full backup tracks into an aeros stereo track…

Boss just announced the Boss Rc-600 loop station. 6 stereo tracks and about 50 fx with up to 4 per channel. Can be cnnected to computer by USB to export loops and even import wav! $600…. Multiple inputs and multiple outputs…. Even rythme features (which I doubt are as good as a BB but they are there…)

Aeros full of promises and so few delivered… I had even bought the complete Singular Sound rig with Aeros, BB and midi maestro…


The new Boss really looks nice. Not trying to beat up Singular Sound, but they will have to up their game if they want to survive. I just bought an Aeros. I’m hoping it wasn’t a mistake.

The Aeros is a really slick machine with so much potential. But its seems there is a general lack of programing skills at Singular Sound and at this time the Aeros does not even really do what it is advertised to do. Singular Sound keeps promising updates are on the way but the wait has become too long and the competition that was already not that far behind is now ahead.

The only thing keeping Aeros ahead of the game is its capacity to interface with the Beat Buddy which is likely the most flexible beat machine out there for the price.

The Boss machine has a beat section with a very large quantity of beats but the beats are not programmable. I checked to see if the Boss looper had a rhythm sync port that could drive the BB or vice versa but it doesn’t seem to have one…

the Maestro is a great little unit that can be used for plenty of other gear. It took months for SS to get decent programing software on android and then IOS platforms but with the software that is now available I have been able to program my Maestro for use with the Aeros, and plenty of other gear (such a a Boss GT-Pro, TC Voicelive, various synths…).

Programing skills is key to success when entering into this business. And SS have great ideas, a great piece of gear, but do not have the capacity to deliver software that is up to the standards of these ideas… The Aeros was released before any of the features were really there, and they are not able to release promised features at an acceptable rate.

Now they are faced with heavy competition…

The boss rc600 does have the ability to import rythme files and even has fills between parts. What does between parts mean? Guess we’ll see but they advertise it that way. Hopefully it’ll be like the serial sync headrush has so we can verse/chorus easily.

Cool! Looking forward to understanding more about what that is!

I am feeling sorry and annoyed with SS at this time… But sorrier for their clients! I bought everything they produced!

I totally agree. I sold my Aeros after about a month, due to lack of promised or expected features. But with the intention to buy it again when it matured. But now, about a year later, I might let that idea go and start to focus on the usual suspects again. As far as Boss is concerned, the RC-600 looks like the one to focus on. The RC-550 still looks like a toy, sold that one too. :slight_smile:

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Im so bummed . Dropped a huge wad of cash for the Aeros looper and I still can’t import wav files , deleting tracks and I still have bugs exporting my recordings from sd card - all of which appear available from the boss RC600.

But now I am beyond my return window, and with the release of the RC600 I doubt I will be able to recoup most of my cost….

Very bummed here. I know the team at SS are developing updates but as others have stated, it’s just way too slow….


When I buy something I buy it for the functions it has, not promised future functions. The device does do what it is advertised to do. It’s kind of ironic to read comments suggesting the new Boss unit is an Aeros killer, before people have used it or read the manual.


And to add to your commnets Steve606…although I haven’t had too many Boss products I can say that their firmware updates and/or modifications for my products have been pretty sparse…just sayin’!

I am somewhat surprised that after Aeros and Headrush have changed the game with their displays which allow for great visual cues that greatly enhance the looping experience that new addition to $$$ higher end looper pedal category would be lacking a similar functioning display…

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Considering the waveforms can’t be edited on a looper having them is pretty much useless unless you’re using them to see when a loop ends or begins. In the case of the Aeros I just look for the red bar. The boss has the circle with the green progress light that goes around it and an optional bar view (like in the 500). That’s plenty visual cue for me. If I need waveforms for anything, it’s editing. In which case I’ll just export to my daw and exit there. I want functionality not a pretty screen. I’m good with the boss. One less thing to break imho.


I use them to recognize what I played previously, actually.

To each there own I guess. I just use my ears :man_shrugging:.

You can hear what you played before it plays back?

And can remember which track has percussive sounds, and which one it was that has the legato type sounds recorded?

These aspects are useful to me. There are many different workflows out there that differ from how you work.

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