Bottle of Blues re-up - Beck

This song was featured in the February 1999 issue of Acoustic Guitar. I learned it from that article. I found the write up in my Jimi Hendrix book, while working on Can You see Me, yesterday. It was like finding an old friend. I though I’d share it. I made an acoustic guitar kit that I thought would work with it, but I did not like the results. Feel free to try and maybe tune the kit to the song. The kit is NP Folk Acoustic XRg.

Instead, use the NP Jazz Trio Brushes XRp. Be sure to use the XRp. or you will get quite the cacaphonous result.

Includes: .sng, lyrics and chords in plain text and pdf, midi part file. This was made from scratch, so there is no multi-channel midi file. If you want the Logic Pro X file, send me a note.

Download Here