Bought Jazz Brushes beats, how do I get .mid from .bbt?

I want to make some small changes in the midi files in the Jazz Brushes beats that I just bought, but when I click on a loop, it shows a .bbt file there instead of a .mid file. How can I convert the bbt to a mid or are the mid equivalents somewhere else? What is a bbt file anyway?

The bbt file is the midi file, but it’s been altered in some manner such that is won’t open with your DAW just b licking on it. What you do is however over the bbt file with your mouse and right click. One of the options you get is Export Midi file. Select that and export to a location on your hard drive. Then open that file with your DAW and edit. You can then replace the bbt file with your edited midi. After you save the project, the file will be a bbt. No idea what a bbt is. I would guess Beat Buddy Trickery.