Bought refurbished BB with no SD Card

So I recently purchased a “refurbished” BB from the manufacturer. The problem is that it did not come with a SD card with the firmware and other content. I downloaded and extracted the latest firmware to an SD card installed on my computer, then downloaded and exacted the default BB content (songs, drumsets, etc) directly onto the card. I then put the card in the BB, powered on, and is shows “no sd card” and does not display the drums sets or songs. As a result, it is unusable. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Make sure the SD card is no larger than 32Gb and that it’s formatted for MS DOS 32 Bit. Make sure the card is not locked. If you are in doubt about any of this, buy a new card SDHC Class 10.

You can try again with your existing card. Make sure the five f/w files are unzipped and copied to the root or top level of your card. Test it in your pedal: power the pedal off, insert card, power on to the pedal. Should display that it’s updating the firmware. Once the update is complete, put the card back in your computer and copy the unzipped Default Content BeatBuddy Update to the card. Use the BBM to Open Project and navigate to your SD card and follow prompts to save project to your computer. With power off to your pedal, put the card back in and power up. Set up your pedal settings.

If this still doesn’t work, contact and ask them to provide a card.

I know it sucks to start a relationship with a new piece of gear like that, but it’s gonna be worth it. The device is amazing, the company that backs it is amazing, and the people that support it here are – you guessed it! – amazing!


Ahhahh! Just checked the SD card I was using. It is 64GB. Hopefully that is the issue. Thank you for your quick response.

If you got this from Singular Sound as a refurb you really should contact them for an SD card.
The one I saw one the Reverb selling site from Singular and appears to include the SD card. It was just loose in the box in one of the pictures. Any chance you got one, but it might be tucked under a box flap out of sight?

I wiil check the box again Thanks

Yes the tech support was excellent for my issue. I had no idea it would not recognize an SD card larger than 32 GB. I reloaded the firmware and default content only an 8GB card and bingo…it works. No more “No SD Card” message.