Bounce tracks

Hi folks - apologies if this is already on the roadmap - I couldn’t find in a quick search. Would be great to have the ability to bounce two or more tracks so they collapse down to a single track. This should take volume and panning into account, and could be done live (so volume/pan changes are recorded - like resampling), or instantly in the box with static volume/pan throughout.

The simplest case requires all tracks to be the same length. Unequal tracks would bounce to a multiple of their lengths - e,g, a 3 beat track and a 5 beat track would result in a 15 beat bounce.

The use case is to free up tracks when you’re running low - just like we used to bounce tracks in our multitrack days.



As a workaround, you could do that on your DAW using the files on the SD card. Should work fine today except for adding/deleting tracks on the SD card.

Ideally SS could provide documentation on the format of the meta data on the sdcard (or make an import/export tool … or simplify the process to not require meta data on tracks).

Love to see this native on the Aeros, but in the meantime…

This is a really cool idea, but not a priority right now, we’ll add it to backlog, thanks for the suggestion!