BPM keeps flashing and switch is unreliable

BPM keeps flashing and switch is unreliable.

Hey so this started happening today.
The BPM (and whatever the Tempo is set to ) keeps flashing on and off and the switch is unreliable. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don’t. Then the BPM won’t stop going on and off and interrupts entering folders and finding songs.

Is this the switch ?

I keep reading about the faulty switch and how would I repair that or get a new switch. This thing is old. I’ve had it since they came out .

Here’s a video to show you what its doing

Well I found this Video and it describes my problem exactly

I sent a email to support@singularsound.com like it said in the video. I just need the switch. No point taking it apart without that .


anybody buy the switch anywhere ?

A link would be great if possible

Thanks in advance :sunglasses: :guitar:

I bought some from ali express
There also on ebay

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Thanks Dude. I just ordered the part on Ebay