BPM slider is way too sensitive

Setting the tempo using the slider is difficult. I understand that the resolution needs to be what it is in order to cover the bpm bandwidth, but it is way to sensitive to be practical. Specifically, there are 2 issues: 1) The values change too quickly relative to finger velocity. 2) once the desired BPM number is correctly displayed, lifting my finger off of the slider control causes the BPM to jump a few BPM. It takes many attempts to get it right, even when I hold my breath. I believe the previous firmware had a different method of setting the BPM by providing direct keyboard input. IMO, this worked way better.

When Aeros is the midi master, is there another way to set the BPM other than the slider? Would SS consider bringing the old method back? Thanks.

Agree with this
Need a + and - on the sides

Another thought is to consider using the wheel to adjust the BPM. A menu item on the touch screen “change BPM” could be added. When selected, this would activate the wheel for a BPM adjustment.

Since there are no mechanical stops on the wheel, the starting value is relative and the progression ratio of the wheel movement change / delta BPM is totally programable. Also, you could have the progression ratio be dynamic based on wheel velocity. Example is to have a 2 stage progression. When the wheel is turned quickly above a threshold RPM, the BPM would incremnt by 10 BPM per unit movement of the wheel. When the wheel is turned slowly, the BPM would change by 1. This would allow a rapid sweep when making large BPM changes and also allowing for fine tuning.

If you use the wheel, the BPM could be another hands free adjustment!!

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Thank you for the feedback!