Brand new user. Looking for help with recorded vocal trax

Hello. I just got my aeros and would like 2 use it 4 exclusively running vocal samples. Im having a hard time with the interface setting up it up and recording long vocal parts 2 trigger during my live performances. Any help would b greatly appreciated

Hello there, you would like to know how to trigger the Aeros? Could you be a little more specific about what you need help with?

Unfortunately my Brand new unit is defective. So it has 2 b returned. So I will have 2 wait until I get a replacement 2 actually work with it…

My band uses large samples of dialogue set up as verse and chorus. I would like 2 set up each song with their appropriate samples and use the foot switches as start and stop 4 each part (i.e. vrs1. chorus. Vrs 2. Chorus). I would like some input if anyone is using the aeros in this manner.

Thanks 4 your response. Hopefully u can help.

Hi there, just to clarify, the tracks are pre-recorded on the Aeros? This is definitely a different way of using the Aeros, but it should be doable, are you triggering the samples yourself or using MIDI to do so?

I think the only way 2 get the samples onto the aeros is by actually playing the sample into the aeros and record a loop.(Is is possible 2 bus the files onto the aeros via usb or sd card?)
Once the files are set up as song arrangements on the aeros…Id just use the foot switches 2 start and stop each part as needed

Hey there, yes as of right now you would have to record them, but we do plan on making importing and exporting to and from Aeros possible soon, stay tuned for that.

But as long as the Aeros is reading the start and stop messages it should work perfectly fine!

Let us know! This is definitely not the usual way it’s used, but it’s an interesting idea!

Hi Brennan, Id like to add support to what GarrisonHeslin is looking for, we used to use a boss rc30 which allowed import of samples of any size into the looper and could then be played as a loop/overdubbed/just played once, this combined with the aeros functionality and keeping everything in sync with the beatbuddy would be awesome. Thanks!

Hey there,

We intend on making the Aeros capable of doing this soon but it is not currently a priority. You could find creative uses for the Aux in port to record samples from a separate stereo device and achieve a similar experience. If you pair the Aeros to a DAW clock via the BeatBuddy (DAW>BB>Aeros) the sync will match up with the BPM you want, you would probably either need to pre-record or have a computer (or stereo playback) on-stage/nearby to make this method work. It may also work with the DAW directly controlling the Aeros as Master Clock. It would be cool to see what happens when you experiment with that.

Stay tuned! Thanks for the feedback.

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