Brazilian Beats and Percussion

I have the latest complete collection and am trying to download the new Brazilian Beats and Percussion but it says I need to pay $50. I went through the checkout process thin king it would recognise I have the CC and wipe out the charge but as its still there and the next step is to make the payment I’m reluctant to do so.

Do i just need to hold my nerve and put in payment details in the hope that it will wipe out the charge or is there something else I need to do?

Hey! If you have the Complete Collection, you don’t need to purchase it again. You can download it from your account.

If you have any trouble feel free to write to for assistance!

From Goran’s mailer, it appears that it’s free for users that have purchased or upgraded to CC 21.

Exactly, but the next button I press is to authorize a PayPal payment for $50 out to type in my credit card details. It may be that it won’t charge it but any other system would show the charge as Zero before that stage so I’m reluctant to do it and then try and get a $50 refund

SS had some issues recently and might have had to reconfigure their system for overseas users purchasing their content. Best to contact for assistance.

Thanks, yes, message left yesterday. I’m, sure it will get sorted quickly and I can’t wait to try the new beats!

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When you log into your account, click on the Download button. It will show you three options