Breakdown A - Tom Petty * updated * May 2019

We’ve said all there is to say. :frowning:

[Intro 12 1234] 4 sn/kck/sn/kick (gtr lick) 2 bars
[Main] … guitar hook … A G
[Main Fill 1] I’ve got this feeling you won’t F (short)
[Main Fill 2]
…We said all there is to say & CH F (long)

[Return to Main] [ Transition to Main 2 ] .. (no hurry.)
[Main 2 ] Solo … [Main 2 Fill ] …CH 2 F line (long) ]
Drum roll out

play the A G main/fill how ever you like,
I just went by the recording, … then forgot about it ! :wink:

Kit Brushes w Bass .
(sng too big for cymbals wav ) … add if wanted.

I’ve been playing this one for a long time. :wink:
I usually played it last song … w added lyrics …

It’s alright if you stay here it’s alright if you don’t
Bar’s sweeping floors, time to head for the doors
I get the feeling you won’t . So
Get out, … can’t stay here … get out …drink up your beer
etc… ( bartender liked it …lol )

Break_Down_A.sng (3.1 KB)

Can someone repost this please?

Thanks for the update!!

I second that request to repost, please