Breathe - OPBK

We’ve been doing this coupled with Time in our live sets for years but I wanted to develop a more subtle piece for solo work. Its also fun to just play over.

Includes single page cheat sheet; uses Santana Piano & Organ ( I just like the piano - no organ here) but many other @Phil_Flood kits will likely work.

Breathe - (47.4 KB)

I this the Faith Hill or Pink Floyd song?

This is an adaptation of Gilmour’s Breathe I intended for possible solo work. The trio I work with does Floyd’s Breathe/Time with audio introducing both segments and I trigger Beat Buddy to come in and play the stock POP - Beat 17 simple straight eights with just a standard kit.

Very cool performance!
You’re the BB operator, I assume?
Now I want to learn this song.

Thanks. It helps to have a gifted lead guitarist ;-). I have had a number of drum machines since the days of the first Oberheim DMX and was told about BB in 2015, I figured it would be good for rehearsal to establish timing but the forum and persistent trial and error have made it indispensable for live performance. Many thanks to the talented forum contributors and @persist for my education.

The pdf is pretty accurate and as usual I note chord voicings and keep it to a single page to display on iPad using UnRealBook mounted to the mic stand. Many of the stock kits sound pretty good (judge for yourself from the videos - sound is a direct take from the mixer outs matched to the video). In some cases I record BB and use it as the drum part in REAPER with additional parts (keys and bass for example) from MIDI or that I play and record and render as audio to either simplify playing live (fewer button pushes to focus more on playing) or in some cases if the keys just don’t sound so good direct from BB.

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