Bricked Beat Buddy 2 mini?

Was working fine all yesterday and earlier today when I plugged it in and… nothing happened. Got a smell of burning plastic and cracked open the back to see the resistor from DC1 to R3 was fried. Just jumping it causes the screen to light up for 1s and then go dark for 1s in a repeating manner. Was using the official power supply and my cables are fine.

Any idea what caused this and what to do? Already emailed support but I’m not sure if they’ll accept warranty after I cracked it open to take a look.

The screen light up and go dark, usually means a short in the circuit. Jumping the resistor might be the cause, but replacing with the correct value might bring it back to life. Support is very good, just wait what they have to offer. You can always try to repair it.

Please reach out to at your earliest convenience! They will get this figured out for you as much they can.

Thanks for reporting!