Bridge two input jacks on pedalboard to Aeros main input?

I am building a dedicated Aeros / Beat Buddy pedalboard, with an input / output patchbay for easy set up. Wondering if I can bridge two input jacks to the Aeros main mono input (e.g., using a Y-cable as a joiner cable)?

Intended use is to have both guitar input jack signal and a mic/ mixer XLR input jack signal from the patchbay into the Aeros. Then I could fluidly go back and forth between recoding guitar parts or vocal parts.

Will having these signal paths joined cause any sonic or audio quality or signal strength issues? Or would it be better to use the Stereo Aux In for the Mic / mixer input to Aeros?

The y-cable MIGHT work, but it might not. You can get passive channel mixer that will guarantee it works, though. Haven’t shopped for one in a while, but I seem to remember they cost around $30-50.

I use the Rolls 4-Channel Stereo Mixer. No power supply needed, small footprint, works perfect for me.

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Thanks for the responses… still in planning stage, but my current thinking is that I should plan to route the mic input though the Aeros Auxilliary In. Though using a mini mixer to adjust the input volumes separately does ssound appealing, as does ability to turn the mic off when not in use to avoid additional noise.