Bring It On Home - Led Zeppelin

Hoping that someone might want to do this one… Classic Zep song from their second album that was written by Sonny Boy Williamson II back in 69…

Here is a midi that might work, I had a listen and it sounds like it has potential… If there is any way that the harp could be included while still keeping the Bonham sound on the drumkit, that would be fantastic (the midi can be dowloaded by clicking on the last song listed on the album)…

Cheers… :beers:

The original song was written by Willie Dixon. It was recorded in ‘63 and released in ‘66 by Sonny Boy Williamson II. The Zep version takes the intro and outro from the Dixon song and then goes off into its own original way. As was typical with Zep when they stole from the Black artists, they did not give credit to the original songwriter on the album.

I’ll take a look at this midi.


Wow, I’m not sure how I screwed up on the origin of the song… I guess that’s what happens when a guy has a couple too many beers before posting… A friend stopped by yesterday, and he asked me what I thought of a Hughes & Kettner amp I picked up a little while back that he hadn’t seen before, so I picked up a guitar and played that one for him… He went, “Ah, the old Zep tune that Sonny Boy Williamson wrote”, and I guess it got stuck in my head for a while… But it was still a bit embarrassing to get the facts wrong on a song that I have always loved, and I actually have a copy of the song from when Willie Dixon put it out in 63 that also has Matt “Guitar” Murphy on guitar… So I should have known better, but lesson learned though, post sober… :laughing:

So anyways, afterwards the thought occurred to me there wasn’t a OPB for that one, so I thought I would put the idea out there… Thanks for giving it a look Phil_Flood,

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Yeah, the ‘63 version is nice. I have it on Willie’s Chess Box collection. Willie is one of my favorite songwriters - he is one of the pictures on my wall.

I should be able to knock the song. It’ll probably need a new kit, but I’ve had a Zep kit in mind for some time.

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I haven’t forgot about this. The midi is done, I need to build the drumkit. I am in the middle of a remodeling job at the house, and my back is shot, so I haven’t been at the computer very much.

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Take your time, no rush at all… I know what doing house reno’s is like…

I appreciate that you are doing the song, and making a new Bonham kit… and I have a feeling that it’s going to be amazing… All good things are worth waiting for… :beers:


Well, this is what I got. The song works as a type of “one press.” It starts in12/8, which is the intro section, and then changes to 4/4 for the “main loop.” At the end of the main, it goes back into the 12/8, but the metronome will continue with 4/4 flashes, as we are using time stretching here to make thing work. The change from the original 12/8 to the 4/4 seems to cause a glitch at the change, it’s gone in a hurry.

The intro part plays the E pattern 35 times, then 4x on A, 4x on E, followed by a turnaround, 1 on B, 1 on A, 2 on E, and a repeat of the turnaround, 1 on B, 1 on A, then the change to 4/4 with E being held.

You will then hear a three snare strike count in. This is the cue to start the Jimmy Page guitar lick, I believe it is played twice then the bass doubles it.

At the end of the song, you will be in the main loop. I have added ample blank space at the end of the main loop to allow for a double tap to end the song. But if you forget, there will be an embarrassing start to the main loop.

Package includes the .sng file and a custom kit with Bass, Harmonica and drums. Drums are from Steve Slate’s Zeppy kit. Bass is a MODO bass that I designed in that app, with a solid state amp. I based it on a J-BAss and used the solid state to try give the feel of the JPJ bass. Harmonica is the Sonivox harmonica.

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Just had a couple of run throughs on the song, and it is nothing short of amazing… The kit is perfect, you really have it dialed in… I ran it through an old Peavy KB 300 keyboard amp with a 15 inch speaker and a horn, and it was like Bonzo was in the room with me… You also nailed the John Paul Jones feel with the base… The harmonica is outstanding… The Zep kit is a fine example of sheer perfection…

Thanks for doing this one Phil_Flood, I know you put in a lot of work into the song and the new kit, and it is truly appreciated…

ps… The cowbell is a really nice touch, and for me it was the icing on the cake…

Skol… :beers:

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Hey @Phil_Flood, I’ve been thinking about building a Slate kit. I can’t check that kit of yours for a few days - but wanted to ask, were you able to get multiple velocity hits of each drum?

I assume SSD works in the same way beat buddy does by randomly uses samples of same velocity range…

Is that how it worked?


Yeah. When you build a BB drum kit, just like Goran’s kits, you can have multiple samples for each velocity. When I build a kit that way from a VST/AU kit, I usually vary the velocity by 1 or 2 , and then zoom all the way in on the samples and nudge them by one of two. This keeps some variety.

Yeah cool - thanks! Did Slate samples seem to vary? Like it you recorded the same velocity snare for a few bars was it a consistent sounding sample or could you hear subtle differences?

There likely is some difference there, but it’s beyond my old rocker ears.

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Hi Phil, yes following the conversation re Zep songs, we liking the same stuff ha, I’m new BB user, havnt tackled downloading from forum yet, although have managed to make a set list folder, using, songs / drum patns renamed as my songs, so that’s good, have drum manager installed on mac, but looks scary tbh… Im songwriting and need some inspiring drum beats rather than songs… Be great if you could help me get going cheers Dave… Oh my stuff,

If you have BB installed on your computer, and you’ve managed to get it play back songs, you’ve already won 3/4 of the battle. Here are my pro tips:

  1. back up anything that you create and cannot readily download. I keep all my song files on a separate location in my computer. You do this by using the export function within BB Manager - File>Export>Song

For drumkits that you download from the Forum, same thing goes; you need to back them up. They have a tendency to disappear when users close accounts. To save a drumset that is in BB Manager use Drumsets>Save Drumset As

  1. Never muck about inside the BB Workspace folder. This is best being viewed as the realm of dragons. Those who go there often return with pieces missing.

  2. All file management for the BB is done using BB Manager. You can move folders around within the BB Manager Songs list. You can move a song from one folder to another. You cannot copy and paste songs. Therefore, you first export the song, and then re-import to the new location you want.

  3. Complete folders of songs sometime get posted or sold as a .pbf archive. This is a structure unique to Beat Buddy. To import them into BB manager use File>Import>Folder. This confuses many users as they are used to thinking about “folder” in the conventional computer sense. To the BB, folder means .pbf file.

  4. Likewise, songs and drumkits get imported using the File>Import commands for songs and drums, respectively. After a drumkit is imported, it appears at the bottom of the Drum Sets list in BB Manager, and you must check the box in front of its name to have it available for use. When a song that you import appears with an asterisk in front of the drumset for that song, it means you do not have the recommended kit available. You can find and download the kits on the Forum, usually. When you cannot, there may be an alternate kit available. Do not hesitate to ask for help on the Forum. We are pretty friendly and helpful here, but please try to search the Forum first.

As to your desire to find new beats, GrooveMonkee has some rock and blues packages that come with a .pbf file and are easy to import. And there are many blues arrangements already on the Forum.

Also, I have created a comprehensive package of the beats and drumkits from the Alesis SR-16 and made it into BB format. That is available for purchase from this link:

As you can see, there is a discount for BB Forum members. And, in the event you are interested in that package but prefer not to enter credit card data, I can accept a direct Paypal payment. Please contact me via private message on the forum, or directly by e-mail at

Welcome to the Forum. Enjoy your Beat Buddy experience!

Oh, and I just checked out your site. I dig the sound. You would do fine down here in Texas.

Great information. I just listened to Zeppelin’s Bring It On Home (Willie Dixon and J.B Lenior) about a dozen times and the basic structure seems like this:

Intro E [x 15] (116 BPM)
First Verse E [x 16]
Second Verse E [x 4], A [x 4], E [x 4], B [1], A [1], E [x 2]
First Turnaround B [1], A [1], E [1]
Interlude Riff E [x 8] (102 BPM)
Third Verse E-A-E [x 6]
Fourth Verse E-A-E [x 8]
Interlude Riff E [x 8]
Fifth Verse E-A-E [x 6]
Sixth Verse E-A-E [x 8]
Interlude Riff E [x 8]
Second Turnaround B [1], A [1], E [2], B [1], A [1], E [2]

Anyhoo, it is all in 4/4, not part is 12/8. Blues shuffles that are like 1 and 2 and 3, etc. are generally 4/4. 1 and a 2 and a 3, etc. like Zeppelins’s Since I’ve Been Loving You is 12/8 for example.