Broken main foot switch


Hi , i see there is no mention of anyone with a broken switch on the beatbuddy main fooot peddle.
I do however have a broken switch and has completely failed twise…after some fiddling with the switch…rolling the beatbuddy in different directions have finaly got the switch to work…something loose and broken inside , it has lost orriginal feel and sound , from being an audible click to sounding mushy , also it binds jams then clicks free clearly a broken switch.
I have contacted technical support and hope that gets things moving for replacements to be sent to me…iv asked for 2 and will pay if need be.
Im writing on forum here to see if i get a quicker responce and or if this has happened to anyone before , also , and if i have sent the email to the right people…any help from admin here greatly appreciated so i can get my BB working asap thanks


Use address. Make sure you check your spam folder for reply.


Thank you sending email now


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Above pic shows broken contact on deck and worn plastic cam , contacted avove support hope to hear from them soon


For anyone reading thread and wondering what customer service is like…Beatbuddy customer service is exceptionally good , and helpful , the switch issue will be sorted no problem , and this is an uncommon break

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Thanks for the positive feedback.


Yeah well needs to be said and well deserved , iv dealt with Boss…terrible , pigtronix though iv not herd a reply from recent e mail…id say are good from what i see , but Beatbuddy has been the best company for support without exception or delay and the whole orriginal purchace , great work ! keep it up BB very important.


Help I think the same thing just happened to mine , I was playing a song and then it just starting switching into fills and stopping then starting on it’s own. :(. When no song is playing it’s just keeps going into tap tempo. Singularsound do repairs or sell that part ??


Please see post #2, above for Support’s address


Hi , yes it will be no problem if you email , the link is in above post by persist.
Jay will most likely want you to send your Beatbuddy back and they will ship a new one , he will supply address and info you need.
I tried to get them to just send me a few switches but he said this was not an option for some reason , also i guess they want the switch for analysis , this does not seem to be a common problem at all , oddly enough because i think it is a weak switch when looking inside , it may become a more common problem over time , i suspect it will.
I have since tracked down the switch myself , as an altunative is hard to find the right size length thread type etc…
The switch is also out of stock most places , i will be getting spares though or find higher quality one that has same dimensions , my whole $8000 worth of guitar rig depends on this switch not failing.
Switch :
Taiwan Alpha SF 12011F-0202-20R-M-011 DPDT
This is the momentary version…hence the M…not L version which is latched switch.


Thanks I must have missed it.


My Beatbuddy main pedal footswitch has failed and I’ve emailed support through the web form a few days back and no response. I’m a full time muso, who uses the BB for any upbeat gigs so I need answers fast!


Usually quite responsive. Check your junk mail

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Hi Tony, I just saw your email now. I will respond momentarily. The other emails did not reach me, they must have been autoflagged, I will look into that issue as well with our webmaster. We’ll continue via email.