Brush Drums

I’ve been working with the updated Brush Drums I also bought the Jazz Brushes drum kit. Unfortunately, I do not find these kits sound “brushy” enough. Perhaps I am looking for a “flatter” sound? If anyone has suggestions regarding other kits I’d appreciate it.


Same here - am looking for light brushes for smaller 3-piece band in small venue and can’t find a kit that is brush-like

Same here: the updated Brush Drums and Jazz Brushes sounds aren’t what I hoped for. They are examples of playing with brushes in the same way that one would use sticks. I would like to use the swirling, sweeping sound of brushes on the snare, as played often in light jazz.

I think this is what you’re searching for. It works together with the jazz brushes drumset.

The programming technique with this sound is challenging, too. There is a great video with the Lincoln Center drummer on YouTube explaining brush technique. When he gets to the swirl, the swirl is a constant sound with one hand, while the beat accents are applied with the other hand. In a kit, I would put that constant swirl on midi 40, and treat it as non-percusion, so if responds to note off. Then, have the strike assigned to 38 as a regular percussion sound.

Thanks very much, renevmind. I wasn’t aware of that collection, probably because I don’t have the Complete Collection 2021 yet; I have 2020.

Thanks, Phil_Flood, for helpful information. I still have a great deal to learn about MIDI.

Giving the jazz brush beats is probably worth a try as I already have the jazz drum kit. It might make difference in the way that drum kit responds. I’m listening to some 60’s pop country. Some great brush work in that.