Brush sweep beats and kit

I’m looking for good brush sweep jazzy beats and nice brush swirl kit.
It would be nice, if the BB team would be do this, as premium library content. Addictive Drums has nice stuff in this style. I can have midies from their library, but at this time I can’t build my own kit. I would be grateful, if somebody gives me a link for exact tutorial how to do that. I can do so many magic with BBmanager, but I don’t know this yet. For example, how can I build own kit with brush swirls from AD kit. I can’t find any wav samples there, just AD preset files, witch contain data.

Tutorial on how to build/edit drum kits:

For wav files, you need to either create them by recording individual hits and saving as wavs, or by purchasing a drum package that has “one shot” wav files. Note that wav files need to be 44.1khz, 16 or 24 bit, and free of meta tags, in order to work in the BB.

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Thanks. I’ll dig in.