Brush Sweeps

I am NOT a drummer… But I am looking for some brush sweeps (or sweepers) … to use with ballads, or other more big band arrangements and Jazz arrangements… All of the brush sounds seem to be trains and other strike oriented sounds…

Is anyone working or looking to create some???


Sam Baker
Dallas, TX

Have you not searched the forum, I guess not as this has been discussed here -
Unfortunately it is not a simple request as you need the individual samples of the brushing sound and then create a midi file that can play them realistically. Maybe when the store is open something like this will be available for purchase.

Hello… Yes I did a forum search for sweep, sweeper… and nothing was returned… i did not search on soup… sorry… Meanwhile, apparently nothing has been delivered?

What does that mean - just click on the link to take you to the thread. Searching “brushes” accross the forums not just the “beats” would have given you the mention of brushes accross the whole forum.

Hi… Yes Brushes returned 6 pages of results… (the google problem, lots of data, little information) I tried a more surgical query… Soup returned 4 rows… Oh well…