Brushes 1 beat

Hey, so I accidentally removed the Brushes 1 beat in my BB manager and it was the only copy I had. Any chance you guys can send me the beat file back? Thanks I appreciate it.

If it’s one you bought you should be able to download it again from your account

I didn’t buy the beat. It was already there when I first go the beat buddy.

All the default BB beats are in this zip file. Does this help?

At the bottom of this pase you have download of the default content of the BB

In addition to all of the above (and perhaps for future reference if you’ve already resolved your issue) and provided you had not yet exported or synchronized your project from your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to your SD card, you might still have the Brushes 1 beat in the project on your card. The way to restore it is to use the BBM File - Open Project (and navigate to your SD card); once it’s completed, accept the prompts to save your project to your computer.

Anywho, here’s the Brushes 1 Beat. Just download to your desktop and then use the BBM File - Import - Song:
Brushes_1-_Str_8.sng (1.0 MB)