Brushes: Stirring the Soup / brush sweeps

A request.

Does anyone have a good MIDI sample for a simple brushes ‘stirring the soup’ rhythm?

Or…is there a way to make this happen with the pre-made BB settings? All the brush rhythms I have found lack the stirring quality. Too many snare hits.

Thank you!

‘stirring the soup’ rhythm. good for Harvest Moon by Neil Young.

Haven’t seen one but you’ll need WAV recording of this then add it to a drum set. Then a MIDi loop to pLy it.

How do you add a wave recording to a drum set and midi loop it ? I work with Cubase.

You need 4-10 recorded different WAV files of someone doing this on a real drum. Each recorded at a progressively different velocity (lower volume/intensity). You would hopefully search and find these otherwise you’d have to record them.

Just to add the BB is limited to wav samples of 3mb each. Once you have all the samples you will then need to add them to a drumkit and then create a midi file that can trigger those samples. I suspect this is actually quite difficult to accomplish and make it sound realistic hence this was not included in the BB. Lastly, currently the Beatbuddy can not play wav loops which if it did would probably be the easiest way of accomplishing this.

The Loop Loft, The Art Of Brushes. Play the audition it sounds right.


Thanks for the info. 3 ?s:

1: Which Volume of the Art of Brushes are you referring?
2: Aren’t the Art of Brushes files .wav format?
3: Are you able to loop Art of Brushes tracks on the BB?


Yes on that page Art Of Brushes in a play button. If you play that it quickly auditions what’s in the package. Sounds like it contains the stirring beat. You could ask and confirm that. Yes it’s a Wav file package. If you have the stirring wav you’d need to develop some midi for a particular song.

I’ve listened to some samples but couldn’t hear something similar to what Jonesy (and me too…) is looking for

Hi all, I’m interested too… :slight_smile:

I’m interested too. I’m actually looking for an electro swing beat with only a kick on 1 and 3 and this stirring brushes beat on 2 and 4.
I don’t know how to create this MIDI file.
Is there someone who could help me with that please?


If you have ever seen the live version of Harvest Moon by Neil Young, he is actually using a real straw broom all mic’ed up. Looks odd but sounds cool.

Hey Jim, quite fun but I need to find a better option for my live sessions ! :slight_smile:

On the BB shop, I can buy the Jazz brushes pack but I don’t know how to mix it with a kick.
Any idea?

The Brushes set have a Kick drum, if that is what you mean…

I either record my own wave and import it or use Audacity to record something off of a site directly and use it. If it doesn’t quite have the sound I need, I use the effects either on Audacity or some other software to brighten it or change pitch, length etc. I have pulled actual samples off of songs and imported them. In the total mix it works pretty good.

The $5 Brushes add on sounds great, some real care went in to recording brush sweeps that change speed automatically with BB tempo, however the dedicated beats pack for that at $5 more is strange and unusable in my view.

I’d like to get a sweeps song, too. I was disappointed that one was included in the Bushes Beats Pack for $5? Are you saying I should get the Bushes Drumset to get sweeps? Sorry, I’m a BB newbie

The Jazz Brushes drumkit has the snare sweeps. But your song would need to trigger them. The snare sweeps are at midi 39 and midi 51, where you would normally have handclaps or your ride cymbal, respectively. They are not at midi 38 and 40, the normal snare drum locations.

Thanks. Makes sense. I downloaded the Jazz Brush beats without the drumkit and I couldnt get any sweeps. Now that I have the drumkit it’s all good.

I suppose I that before I was telling the drummer to play sweeps without handing them a set of brushes!