Brushes update

I’d like to employ some brushes in my drum beats. I note that there was apparently an update to the default brush kit. I also noticed the premium library has a brushes kit that can be purchased. How can I test for the presence of brush sweeps, flams, rolls etc? I note the Jazz set has different, seemingly lighter brush sounds. Any explanation of experience with these will be appreciated.

Are you asking how to test to see if you have the latest default brushes drum kit? If that is what you want to test, download the following SNG file, and import to your project in the BBManager (via the menu option File > Import > Song). If you can hear the audio when the brushes drumset is selected, then you have the latest version of the default set.

You_have_Brushes_Drumset_v3_if_you_can_hear_sound.sng (1.3 KB)

If you’d like to inquire further about the instruments included/added in the Jazz Brushes drum set in our premium library, please email - Goran will be able to provide an answer regarding that.

Apparently I do not have the updated kit. I will address that along with my questions to Goran.


I can help you out with the upgrade, send me an email at and we can arrange a phone support session.

I am going to attempt the upgrade on my own. I still would like to schedule a phone session for my file handling and organization.

Send me an email with your available days and times (in EST) and we will arrange a phone support session.

I updated to the new brushes and did not care for them at all. They were very hard to get installed. Very disappointed in the sound so I went back to the old set. Much time wasted. I wonder what others experience with them was like. This is the set I use the most. It was a needed update but it just didn’t work for me.