BT01 + Maestro + BB

I have a very simple use case. I have the MM->BB and am looking to start using SongBook Pro or OnSong to send midi commands to the BB for changing the songs. I do not need to change tempos or drum kits because I always create a new .sng with the song name and set up the tempo and drum kit I want.

I bought a BT01 because I see a lot of people recommend it (It’ll be here Thursday).

My Current BT chain is:

Maestro->BB->Boomerang Side car->Boomerang. The BB feeds tempo to the Boomerang.

I was thinking that I would be able to put just the BT01 on the “in” jack of the Maestro, and then the signal would be:

iPad (Via BT)->BT01->IN Maestro->BB->etc…

However, that doesn’t seem like it will work because the BT01 wants to get power from the Out port.

So do I need to instead go:

Maestro Out->BT01 In → BT01 Out → male/female adapter cable → BB In?

This seems like it should be really simple to do but I’m struggling to wrap my head around it. Am I thinking about it backwards and that the BT01 OUT → Maestro IN, and will receive power that way and the BT01 IN can be unconnected?

Trying to simplify what I am asking here. The BT01 is coming tomorrow and I’m trying to determine if I need any additional equipment. This is what I am planning to try tomorrow when the BT01.

Midi Maestro OUT → BT01 IN → BT01 OUT → female-to-male midi cable → IN BeatBuddy split cable → BB → OUT Beat buddy Split Cable → Boomerang/SideCar.

Will this setup work? In other words, can you connect the BT01 this way and have it get power and send the signal from the iPad to the BB, as well as allowing the MM commands to flow through?

I suppose alternatively I could close the loop with the BT01 (Into the MM and Out from the Boomerang?)

Mainly I’m trying to determine if I need a midi hub to work with the BT01, or if I can string it between 2 devices just like any other MIDI component.

You can string it between two devices.

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Hey there,

Something you might not be aware of is that the MIDI Maestro can convert incoming BLE signals into MIDI output signals from its MIDI output Port.

This means all you need to do is connect your onsong device to your MIDI Maestro, using the OnSong settings while the MIDI Maestro is in pairing mode and voila!

You can send things from on song to the MIDI Maestro out of the MIDI Maestro into the MIDI chain.

No dongle needed :slight_smile:

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Got this up and running tonight with the MM! Looks like I can return the BT01!

Thanks so much!


@BrennanSingularSound Just wanted to say thanks again for this! I have all 70 or so of my Duo’s tunes to Songbook Pro! I then used BB Loader to create an “All Songs” folder and set up the midi commands!

Songbook Pro does only allow 1 command to be passed on startup, but that’s enough because I have the tempo and kit I want already on there for each song.

For posterity, because it did take me a minute to figure this out…in SongBook Pro you can add MIDI under the advanced tab for a song. You want a Program Change, with the value of the song. The LSB is the folder number. Once I figured this out it only took me about an hour to migrate the tunes and set it all up.

This is so much easier and is going to speed up our “in between song” transitions and make it way easier to call audibles during shows and practice.

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