Bug: Aeros tempo is double MIDI input clock rate

I’ve tried clocking the Aeros from several different clock sources and it alway displays the correct tempo for a second and then changes to double the tempo being sent to it.

For example, sending a clock of 70bpm from an Elektron Digitakt, Disaster Area DPC5 Gen3 or from my computer through a MIDI interface, the resultant tempo in the Aeros is 140bpm.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Question, do you have a BeatBuddy and does it work normally when paired with it?

No, I don’t have a BeatBuddy to test with but I actually just figured out that it is not the Aeros at fault here, my MIDI routing was resulting in two clocks being sent on the same cable into the Aeros. Doh!

Good to hear you found the solution!