Bug/Glitch with Outro's at the end of a Fill

I played a gig with the beatbuddy and the week before I had upgraded the firmware to 1.41. At the gig I was having trouble with the some of the outro’s but wasn’t sure what was happening weather it was troubles with the double tap stop or not. I have set up one of the buttons on the extra pedal as stop and am still having troubles and have now worked out what is going wrong.

An example of this happens on Band - The Weight with Bass[/URL] [/B]and[B] [B][URL=‘https://www.dropbox.com/s/a7p78h44lyhlgq8/Weight.sng?dl=0’]Band - The Weight.[/B]
The main part is the verse and there is one fill for the chorus. At the end of the last chorus which is a fill I trigger the outro to play the last two bars again. I normally trigger the outro right at the end of the fill and when I do this with the beatbuddy the screen goes red but just plays the main loop not the outro part and does not end. I push the pause button once and the beatbuddy pauses whereas it normally ends the song in outro mode. I push pause again and the outro continues and if pause pushed again the song ends.

I have now determined that this happens when the outro is triggered in the last 25% of the last bar of the fill. I have the transition period set to 75%. I’m pretty sure this never happened with the previous firmware.

I can get around this but it will mean reprograming my outros to start a bar before the fill finishes and it’s a bit of a pain in the a**.

Just tried it out in manager 1.50 and it happens in the Manager software virtual pedal as well.

This seems like a serious firmware issue. I’ll try to pass it along as I am working on the software only at the moment.

Daef, this is for you or the support team. There are “Ghost Beats” in this thread that I can’t get rid of in Beat Builder. They do not show up on the screen at all but they sure are there and they show up when this fill is run on the BB Manager. I tried deleting the blank areas of notes and also of time but they still won’t go away. Ocasionally, I run into this problem and sometimes have to scrap the entire song. Maybe you can figure where their coming from. Thanks.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.