Bug in new (unreleased) FW #1.75 - beta

Tested Song advance/ Back in new FW (with additional 2-switch (Boss FS7,originalBB FS)), but if I go one song back or forward, it jumps to folder and going here and there on each following press… But there`s also “Song Select” per Midi PC#… Wonderful! Works with Midi PC within the selected Folder. Thanx for that!!!:smiley:
And TapTempo works also, great!:slight_smile:

Song forward/back works for me in 1.74. Does your problem occur because you’ve reached the end or beginning of the folder?

Have the same problem with pedals that has momentary default ON instead of default OFF. My DP-10s behaves erratic while my FS6 does what it’s supposed to do. You can send bank LSB and PGM change which is dead handy. You select the folder with bank LSB and song with PGM change. Tap tempo works, but I still don’t like the way it’s implemented when using external tap tempo. I’d rather have it flash the screen instead of changing view and block the start/stop function. I prefer to tap the tempo and start when I reach the first beat.

Another wish for tempo would be an option to enter the tempo directly using a CC value. The method used by Molten Voltage with their Tempode is great.

Just checked the song forward/song back in 1.75. Still works correctly for me.

“Tested Song advance/ Back in new FW (with additional 2-switch (Boss FS7,originalBB FS)), but if I go one song back or forward, it jumps to folder and going here and there on each following press…”

Hey, Dennis. Are you holding the button for a second or less and then releasing or are you doing a button press with an immediate release? If you are doing a press/short hold/release, try a press/release.

With my Roland DP10s it jumps out 1 second after my latest press regardless of me tapping or holding the switches. No configuration tweeks seem to fix this behavior. Looks like a bug when handling switches with “Default on” behavior.

I experienced the same thing on 1.75 as Dennis with my Boss FS7. I figured you guys were testing some new folder switching feature in the beta. I didn’t do anything differently from 1.74, it just seems to jump to folder selection instead of cycling songs.

It looks like it’s a new feature. If you hold either of the foot switches down too long, the screen moves to the folder listing. You can then navigate the folders like you do the songs. I posted my observations here:


Try just tapping the switches to navigate the song list.

Beta Firmware Change Log since 1.4.1 (Note: there may be other undocumented fixes and features that are either a part of the f/w or the BBM app; e.g., BB pedal can now be connected directly to a Mac via USB for updates; pedal now retains configuration of foot switches when removing and reinserting the SD card).

o Fixed bad default tempo bug generated when pressing next/previous song at the same time.
o Fixed little bug that could lead to the loading of the wrong song after a reboot (this was found when fixing previous bug).
o Fixed Tap tempo glitch that could happen if someone presses the two foot switches (in tap tempo mode) at the same time or sends two tap tempo command to fast. The BeatBuddy now rejects any tap tempo request if the delay between the previous one is less than 120ms. This will fix the glitches that forced the BPM to 300 instantly.
o Added new option in the Midi Sync (out) menu. Midi Sync message can now be sent only when playing. This will lead to better compatibility with other MIDI devices. Also changed the label Enabled to Always On in the menu.
o Added a new menu to Enable/Disabled sending the custom Next Part Midi message (CC102). Some users had problem with their (Strymon) Timeline. Removing the Next Part Message will fix the problem.
o Added a new option in the MIDI-OUT menu to enable/disable the time signature midi message. Note: this message could be badly interpreted by MIDI devices since it’s a MIDI-EX message and implementation may differ from one product to another.

o Fixed USB connection bug when BB is in Folder/Drum Set/Song Selection window.
o Added MIDI control change Bank/Patch/Program.
o Fixed Midi Merge error that could make the BB reboot if a Rx packet was malformed or corrupted.
o Fixed Headphone Volume flickering bug. (Window is not shown if volume is under 20).
o Fixed no special effect bug that caused BeatBuddy to reboot.
o Added External Tap tempo command on MIDI-CC117 channel.

1.7.3b Midi-Merge improvement. System exclusive messages can be interleaved by Real Time messages.

1.7.2b Fixed bug caused by new feature in 1.7.1

1.7.1b BB now chokes notes when external notes are received with a velocity of 0.

o Fixed Random Reboot bug (Critical).
o Improved stability and memory usage.
o MIDI-MERGE feature. The BeatBuddy now supports the Midi Merge feature. The Merge algorithm has the lowest latency possible. It can also tolerate some badly formed MIDI-messages.
o GLOBAL drum set volume.The drum set now has a customizable volume (via BB Manager). The file version of the drum set is now 1.1.

o Fixed Visual metronome when stopped bug.
o Added Sleep Mode.

o Pop/Crack sound is removed when playing track.
o Fixed the Midi message running status bug.

Persist, thanks for posting. I took a quick scan through the manual, the feature listing for 1.4.1, and the above feature listings and still didn’t see any documentation for the folder navigation feature - which I really like now that I know it’s there.

what about select songs with Midi CC commands???


You will need PC commands to select specific songs, since CC commands will be for other switch acts… (like brakes, transition and next part (and I hope for specific song parts with value number…)). But I m sure there will come a next/previous Song CC commannd as well. But you will need to wait for new FW(or contact support for beta, seems as we are at 1.77( now, I´ve contacted support since I am at 1.76).

Even with the option enabled - CC102 doesn’t appear to be being sent for me when changing parts

can anybody give me the midi command for song forward and song back?


i have beta 1.77 already installed and try to switch songs but i could not find out how it works.
Can you help me?


Go into the foot switch configuration settings and select song advance/back when the pedal is stopped.

this i have already done many month ago and it works fine but i want to switch songs via midi!

Simple Midi PC command… PC …(number of song in folder). Make sure you send PC through the right channel ( that one you enabled in BB settings, Main pedal, Midi messages, Midi in, channel) … Be aware, some Midi stuff counts from 0-15, others from 1-16 (so 0 from the firsts is same as 1 from seconds…).

I don´t know if there is/comes LSB/MSB to select Folder and Song, but select song within a channel works great!

Thank you i found it out.
C0 00 00 select the first folder on Beatbuddy with the first song on midi channel 1
C0 01 01 select the second folder on Beatbuddy with the second song on midi channel 1

I think its limited to 255 songs in a folder but i did not trie it out?


According to support, the folder limit is 99.