bug in transition triggered during fill


There seems to be a minor bug in the pattern playing logic. I set up a pattern and in order to keep things simple, I used a fill as a bridge, as in:

part 1: verse part 2: chorus (fill:bridge)

rather than: part 1: verse part 2:chorus part 3: verse part 4: chorus part 5: bridge part 6:verse

I was thinking that as the fill played, I could tell the beat buddy to transition to the next verse by holding down the pedal. Well, it worked, however, and here’s the bug, one measure of the chorus part played before the transition happened


Personally I do not quite understand what you are describing, could you provide some more information. Are you using the BeatBuddies internal patterns or some other pattern? Are you joining those together in a midi editor? How many bars is the pattern in total and what is its time signature, how many is the fill? Does the pattern have the same time signature all the way through. So the pattern (verse + chorus) loops fine but the fill is out?
I’m assuming this is a self made pattern have you tried it with one of the internal patterns.

Could you upload the pattern your using, a video of the issue may also be helpful.


Psalm, Charles is most likely talking about playing a complete multi-bar transition.

There is a hard discrepancy between how a multi-bar fill and a multi-bar transition are played.

A fill will always be played fully up to its end after being triggered.
A transition will, however, end as soon as you will release the pedal.

TLDR: To properly play all the transition HOLD (and do not release) the pedal until when you know your transition should end.

Actually, I find it rather inconvenient as well. However, the logic behind this was to make it so that a transition is never stuck. While a fill is definitely being “stuck” at the same time. :slight_smile:


Actually the scenario I’m talking about doesn’t involve transitions. For the song I created, during the chorus part, there are no fills, so I was trying to make things simple for myself and make a song with two parts, verse and chorus, and add a fill in the chorus that is actually a bridge. When the bridge finished, I wanted it to transition to the verse part. This actually works fine, as the “bridge” fill is playing, I hold down the pedal and when the fill is done, the pedal transitions to the next part rather than returning to the part that the fill was added to, with one exception: it plays a little bit of that part before the transition happens. My song file has no transitions defined, just part 1, part 2, and a fill in part 2.

By the way, thanks for clearing up the multi-bar transition issue, this had me really confused, a lot of times my transitions seemed like they were getting skipped entirely because I’d hold the pedal down just long enough to start the transition. Frankly I don’t like this behavior and would like to have an option on this. I had posted something a while back about wanting the option for flagging fills so that they would always play in their entirety and this kind of goes along with that. During performance, the less I have to focus on the pedal the better and more so when you’ve added a hundred songs to your pedal: you don’t want to have to remember the timings for each song (which is why I request the ability tag parts with text too)

All that being said, I love this thing!