Bug or what?

I created a beat using the software. I used rock and metal beats together using the metal drum set. I synchronized it to the BB. Now when i play that beat or any other beat the base drum changes during the song and it does it on every song not just the one that i created. Am i doing something wrong or is it a bug?

What do you mean by the “bass drum changes” could you upload a video? There is really not much information here to go on. Does it do it for any drum set you use or just the metal kit. I would recreate the SD card from scratch by downloading the SD card backup from http://mybeatbuddy.com /downloads and unpacking the files and copying them to the SD Card - giving you a factory reset Beatbuddy and trying again.

The bass drum goes from a really deep cool sounding bass to a high thud during the song and fades in and out. I haven’t tried any other drum kits but it does in on every pre programmed beat.

It only does it when i hook a 1/4" cable to the output of the BB. Left mono or Right output both do it. If i use an 1/8" cable and run it through my stereo it sounds fine. I cant record to my digital 8 track because it records the bass going in and out.

One other question - does it behave the same in the manager software? If it plays fine in the manager software then something is happening when it is transferring to the BB, unless it is something to do with the stereo image of the samples. Please also confirm if the same things happens with other drumsets. Could you also upload the song file but remove the accent hits first as that adds to the size of the file.

I really can’t imagine what is going on without a sound sample - so I have uploaded the Metal Drumset for you to import it into the manager software (my videos will show you how). You may want to delete the original Metal drumset or rename it and then ensure you use this one to test.

A short video showing the problem would be best to help you solve your problem ASAP.
This should help quickly identify whether your unit is ok or not, and give you necessary instructions on how to have this fixed.

I will see what i can do to make and upload a video. Like i said before it only does it when i hook up to line out on the 1/4" jacks. The BB computer software sounds fine and connecting to my home stereo system sounds fine. My Boss BR 800 is brand new and when i hook it up through the 1/8" head phone jack off of the BB to the BR 800 and using a 1/4" adapter to the recording track, it sounds fine. I think its the output jacks on the BB. I will make a video this weekend and upload it.