Bug - transferring / saving to SD card

This is the 3rd time I’ve lost my recordings because of the extremely unreliable transfer to SD card when saving project.

I’m beginning to really regret my purchase of the Aeros looper for this single reason.

Apart from this extremely aweful bug - it’s a solid piece of hardware.

It’s so incredibly frustrating recording the perfect take only to not see it once I inset the SD card in my laptop.

(in this case it was the 1rst track)

I’m incredibly disappointed… back to the recording…

It would be great if we could just plug in usb and transfer.

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@lash completely 100% agree - no more agony / dispair. Right now I “save to SD” and hope for the best - pretty much like russian roulette with my recordings…

Hey there,

We are sorry to hear that you are having issues, we can only work in reaction to your issues as we are not there.

Have you reached out to support@singularsound.com with your issue? Is it reproducible? Meaning, do you get the exact same results when you follow specific steps? Do you get different results if you don’t follow those steps?

If you could even send a video and a copy of the individual SD song folder (not the contents) and possibly a log, this can help us understand what’s going on and if it can be fixed with a bug fix.

If you can reproduce it, it could possibly be useful to also reproduce the issue while the Active logger is on, here are the steps to use this:

Active Logger

This is a new logging system that is available starting with version 4.0.0. This logger records all events that the looper undergoes and is intended to help us diagnose issues that are hard to replicate. This system can only be used if there is an SD card inserted into the Aeros. To turn on the Active Logger go to the Updates Page, then to the Diagnostics Page. On the Diagnostics Page there is a toggle button at the top right of the page, turn this on to start the Active Logger.

If this feature is off, the Aeros’ logging system will work as it did previously: When an SD card is inserted, boot-up data as well as any data from a crash will be saved in a log file on the SD card. These events will also be logged when the Active Logger is on.

Note: This Logger does use some memory when active, due to this reason you may experience less than perfect audio quality when it is on. This Active Logger is by default off, only turn it on when trying to catch a bug that is hard to reproduce.

Important: Logs are not saved forever, a log will be saved from the previous power on, but if you turn the Aeros off and on again, that log will be lost. Only the current power cycle and previous power cycle logs are kept. Please send logs to support@singularsound.com along with a video and/or a description of the bug.

If you’d like to learn more about useful information you could give us to better help you, please read this post on bug reports.

We know this can be disheartening, but the Aeros is a complex digital product that can have a bug that is easy to miss for some and easy to engage for other depending how they use it and what they are doing. There are also a lot of different SDs out there and we do not control this factor. We can only do our best by offering excellent customer service and also promising results on reproducible bugs that get in the way of using the Aeros.

Thank you for your report!

Let me know if I missed anything!