Buggy iOS v1.4.1

My excitement at having received my maestro a week earlier than the expected delivery date has been tainted by my attempt at creating a custom mode using the latest release of the iOS app. I was expecting to be able to leverage from the existing command set, but it appears that the editor doesn’t work. You can use a command as written, but you can’t change it. This is equally annoying if you make a mistake in creating a new command from scratch. Once saved a command cannot be changed, it seems. You just have to start again and create another command. No obvious way of deleting commands either! Did I just make another expensive mistake in purchasing another singular sound product?

Hello there,

I do believe editing is working, but there is the case of what to do if that command is already written into a mode or button setup. In 1.4.1, you should remove the command if it is already in the commands list on the button setup after editing it and add it again. Can you confirm that this is why editing is not working on your end? Let me know!

Make sure you are not trying to edit our official commands (have a Singular Sound Icon next to them), these commands are not editable.

Currently, there is no deletion capacity but this was not a priority to get the iOS app to a functional point. We saw command deletion as something we could forego so we focus on other things and not get needlessly stuck on an iteration we mean to replace. It’s not the cleanest thing, but deletion is not a very common case.

We understand the current app seems bare, but it is a major improvement from our last release. There are some clunky and tedious aspects to the 1.4.x iteration and these will all be remedied by the work for 2.0.0 which we hope to have info on soon.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry to disappoint you, but I am running 1.4.1 on iOS 14.6. Have tried on both my iPhone and iPad and neither will work. An unused command that I created, and still unused, can be opened for editing and modified in the editor, but saving the edited version does not overwrite the original version.
The manual suggests I should be able to reorder button assignments, and commands assigned to buttons, by holding my finger on a button or command. I can’t get this to work either. An iOS version compatibility issue perhaps? Anyone had success with a prior version?

I mentioned this to Brennan and he said that this (reordering by holding and sliding) does not work in the current version of the iOS app. My experience with the new app has been positive (at least I can create a custom mode now) and I thought the editing aspect worked fine for me, but I don’t recall digging into it too much.

Yes, I have also successfully programmed a custom mode, but of course the first attempt is always less than perfect. It is possible to work around the limitations of the editor, just takes longer than it should and often means starting from scratch with a new mode or command rather than leveraging existing attempts. I look forward to v2.