Bugs! Midi and saving song!

I cannot get my Beat Buddy to record drums via midi! It worked briefly, then quit altogether! It will communicate other midi messages like Tempo, and when I hit the BB button it will start to record the drum part but nothing is actually recorded! Also, when I set the “midi out” settings on the BB it switches back to midi-in as the default when I exit out. ALSO!!! I’m encountering problems saving songs, especially songs with multiple parts in the 2x2 mode. It just keeps “spinning-saving song” and never saves the song! I have updated the latest firmware on both. WHAT’S GOING ON?

I’m confused about what you’re trying to do. AFAIK, assuming a direct (via MIDI) connection between the BB and Aeros, the Aeros does not record the BB itself. I recall this being explained in a video as because the BB is already looping, there’s no reason to record it as an Aeros track.

What I’ve done for recording both is get my Aeros/BB loop going, and then use the audio out to record the loop (Aeros + BB) into my DAW.

As for the saving issue, maybe you’re trying to save to an SD card but there’s no legit card in the Aeros? I don’t know why else it would get stuck like that. Good luck.

Hey there,

From trying to understand your issue from what you wrote, I believe there are some misunderstandings about what the products do. I will gladly explain everything I can in the clearest way possible to be sure there’s no misunderstanding on your part or on my part.

The BeatBuddy can be set to send midi notes through the midi out port. To do this you must go to Main Pedal > MIDI settings > MIDI Out > Notes and enable it.

To make use of this feature you would need a device that can receive many notes and record them, or play them back. The Aeros is not a device that can do this, the Aeros can only record audio. The Aeros does respond to MIDI clock, and MIDI sync, this is what allows the Aeros to stay in sync with the BeatBuddy.

Aeros cannot change times signatures or tempo after a song has started after a track has been recorded to a song. To say it in another way, the song must be empty with no tracks record it to for you to be able to change the tempo or the time signature on the BeatBuddy, and see the change on the Aeros.

Desynchronizing the Aeros from the BeatBuddy causes issues, and should be avoided. Note that the BB by default is also sending clock while stopped, this can be changed in the MIDI Out settings.

The BeatBuddy can act as master or follow any device, it can also receive MIDI notes and play them back. To allow this, you must enable MIDI notes in the MIDI In settings. (Main Pedal > MIDI settings > MIDI In > Note On/Off)

As to the saving issue, are you by chance at full memory? Also, saving can take some time, are you sure it never finishes saving? We are working on memory throughout our development process and we hope to improve anything we can as soon as we can.

Let me know if I missed anything or if you are having other issues I didn’t address. Also, are you saving to internal or to SD? It could possibly be an issue with a locked card or an incompatible SD.

Feel free to reach out to support@singularsound.com for further assistance.

Thank you!

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Hey Brennan, thanks for your detailed response. I was curious about the above. Not that I would want to do this, but does this mean that technically I could send the MIDI OUT from my Roland V-drums to the MIDI IN on the BB and the BB would receive the MIDI notes from the Roland? How would that even work with the BB pedal control? Sorry for the MIDI noobness, but I’m not understanding the MIDI IN receiving notes on the BB and what you would do with that other than maybe tempo info. Thanks!

Hey, no problem we were all noobs once!
Basically the BB is acting like a MIDI instrument that is receiving the MIDI notes as they are sent to it by the other device, this does not affect BB playback unless the device is sending MIDI sync too. But, it is unlikely you would want BB to do anything other than just sit there and look pretty while it plays back whatever you feed it.

For example, let’s say I have a MIDI clip in my DAW. I would route the DAW to send the note messages to my BB, and make sure BB is listening to that channel. Then, the BB will play the notes as it receives it.

You can also record the MIDI notes from the BB to the DAW in a similar fashion.

Let me know if you have more questions!

Thanks. I’m assuming the same applies for sending MIDI notes (triggering) from my Roland drum set pads into the BB and essentially using the specific BB drum sets for the sounds instead of from within my drum module, right?

Yup, that works. :grinning: