Build New Song


Hi guys, I’m not very computer literate but i know enough to do simple things with them. I don’t understand Wave and Midi files. Unless i can learn how to build my own songs this drum machine is going to be useless for me. I play Old 50s & 60s music when the drum beats were simple. I have found a match for 1 of my 250 song library with the existing songs in BB manager. I can’t find the midi or wav files or what ever I need in order to build or rearrange them for a new beat with those files that make up the existing beats. I do find the midi files in the default library but from my BB manager- new song area when i click on the first part of my new song it looks into BB Worspace-user lib-midi sources and it’s empty of any midi files. The command prompt is asking for a file name, i don’t know what to tell it. All i know is those files are in the default library that I can’t access from the new song part. I have read every post on the subject of building new songs and watched Psalm40’s video tutorial where he builds a new song, but Psalm40 does not go into any detail about how are where he got the midi files to put on his computer in order to arrange a new beat. I could really use some help here, Thanks.


If you are asking how to create a new song using midi files, then it all depends where you saved the midi files. In the video mine were stored on the desktop. So click on whatever part and find the location of the file to add it.


Thanks Psam40, I am making some progress. I have discovered where and how to access the default library midi files. Now I have entered Rock1 song and downloaded Rock - beat 1 - simple- open hats to the main loop of my new song. That part has a Cymbol clash at the end and I would like to remove the Cynbol, is there a way for me to do that.


A built-in MIDI editor will appear in the BeatBuddy. I hope it will be “soon”. But as of currently, you will need to use side programs to do that.

Google for ‘free MIDI editor download’. I am sure there will come plenty of utility programs for you to try them. Use the one of your choice to edit the MIDI you want, then use the resulting file to add to the BeatBuddy song via BBManager software. Then upload it to the pedal via that same BBManager. Yes, it’s that simple!