Building Song from GM Rock 1

I purchased Rock Essentials from Groove Monkey which is in MIDI files. I have watched the appropriate video on how to create a song. That is all working fine. My question is that the number of file’s is over whelming. Is there a way to review what sound you import before you do it or is it trial and error to get the sound you want? I am asking if there is a method or blueprint to this? Thanks in advance for HELP.

Some folks use PreSonus Studio (free) to preview midi files.

If you can wait a while, you could ask Russ @Groove Monkee if he’s going to convert Rock Essential midi files to pbf and sng format. If so, you’ll be able to download the converted files. You can then use the converted sng files in BBM as a roadmap for building songs from other packages.

Some of the other users on this forum will chime in with how they assemble/craft sng files in the BBM.

Thanks I have now downloaded PreSonus Studio (free) whole new learning curve here…Ha Ha My goal with the purchase of a BeatBuddy was to let someone else do the song beats and improve my timing. I don’t mind paying for that. This would allow my time resources to stay on improving on playing guitar and singing. Now I’m enjoying learning all this stuff but feel I’m moving away from my original goal…Not to mention my wife thinks I’m spending too much time on a computer now…Just saying.

PS I have sent a message to Groove Monkee as you suggested.

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please let me know what you hear from them. I’m in the same boat