Button noise on Maestro - does the crowd really hear it?

Just wondering as I have never used the Maestro live, do users think the crowd really can hear it or even notice it?

Asking because if you think they do, I might investigate the soft switch mod I’ve seen elsewhere on the forum.

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I saw Sweetwater is selling the MM in a gold edition. The SS page didn’t even have this. Thought everyone would be active on a thread of this topic.

Searching again today on Sweetwater, a search for a Midi Maestro comes back with only results for the gold edition. And yes, if you have the Aeros gold and the standard Midi Maestro, there is quite a difference in button noise.

Didn’t even know there WAS a gold edition of the Maestro? Knew there was an Aeros one.

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In stock at the AZ warehouse.

got a link? I cannot find that…

I cannot see anything re a “gold” edition anywhere. Not on Singular Sound, not in any shop, apart from Sweetwater. If you scroll down that page, you will see the other images all show silver!

afaik, the only difference now is the new one comes in black.

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There is a SS instagram post from 2 months ago showing it.

might of been just a proof of concept thing perhaps?

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It says “the rumors are true, the midi maestro gold edition is imminent.” google it. how I found it.


haha, yep had experience of SS “imminent” before :wink:

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I use the MM for live gigs and i can occasionally hear the click, but ive never noticed the audience has heard it or commented to me on that issue.
Wouldnt say its a problem.

Seems the gold is now available - got a message from SS this morning.

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