Buying a Used BB MINI 2 Maybe... Need Some Info

Question 1… A sort of local Craigslist seller has a used BB MINI 2 for sale at a good price (he upgraded to a BB). Kind of want it as a backup to my full size BB and in some cases it would be nice to have just for it’s simplicity. He’s a bit of distance away and I’m trying to find a list of the song presets (200+?) that are in it so I can make a decision whether it has a decent variety of certain genres I mostly play. I contacted the seller and he wasn’t sure if he had a list or if it came with one, but he said he had the Quick Start Guide.
I found the Quick Start Guide on Singular’s site, which doesn’t have a song list. Is there an expanded guide which might have a list which would include songs and the drum set used for a song? I searched this forum and Singular’s site, but had no luck.

Question 2… The BB MINI 2 and other Singular products have a two year warranty. Reading the warranty info on Singular’s site FAQ, there is no mention if the warranty is only for the original purchaser/owner or if it extends to a subsequent owner through a used purchase. Buying used from Craigslist it would be good to know if there should be a problem it would be covered. The BB MINI 2 is supposedly about a few months old from the seller.

Probably best to e-mail Support directly for the warranty questions. If he never registered the device in his name, you might be able to do so.

I have one and the only thing I do t like about it is you cant program sets into it. Or program anything in it for that matter. 200 presets and that’s it.

Probably will do that, but first had to contact them as to why I can’t access my own account that I registered my BeatBuddy through. I’ve got the registration confirmation email from 2017, but the Singular site no longer recognizes my email even to retrieve the password. Used to get occasional email announcements, but those had stopped a while back. Made me wonder if some of the registration database went the way of some of the old forum content(?) :anguished:

Wayne, Yeah it doesn’t bother me to not be able to program anything into it as it would be just a backup for the other BB pedal I have in the event it might ever have a problem. Do you recall getting some sort of song list with yours?

According to this video…“the BB Mini 2 comes with the same songs as preloaded in the BB”

No song list came with mine and I did find a list on the site but nothing there thst I play. Maybe 1/2 dozen or so that was it. I do mostly country and classic country at that along with a bit of Newfoundland music. Newfound does have a lot of party music Nd
I do a lot of artist like Mike Denver and Jimmy Buckley and others with that style. I have a list of songs I do on my home computer that I can let you have for the bb mini2 if you so wish to have them.

Depends on your likes and 99 percent of my song list can be heard on you tube. Great music for a newfie shed party.

You need to go into singularsound under song matching tool to find what they have. Shit all.

Did as you suggested and was going to message you privately (would have been my preference) with their response, but you evidently have messaging disabled.
Response from support less than stellar, not even sure support they read the full context of the email I sent as questions presented were not answered. Perhaps support did not know the answers, but did not say so or if they would find out.

The seller of the BB MINI 2 is not sure if he registered it and no record he could find of doing so. I had registered my own BB and MIDI cable and have the confirmation email, so I thought I could go to my SingularSound account and see if it’s listed. Thought when I registered my BB and MIDI cable that an account was created, but too long ago to recall for sure. Tried logging into the SS account with what I thought to be name/email/password, but failed. After an email back from support I created an account with the email name I used to register my products thinking my registered products would be picked up by the account recognizing the email. Evidently only products purchased through SS are listed, not when purchased from an external retailer and subsequently registered on the SS site. While I have the registration email confirmation, there seems to be no way to confirm registration from the SS site and although I didn’t ask directly, support did not say if they they had my registration on file. I presume it is(?) If you register a product, be sure to keep/save/print the confirmation email.

Regarding warranty transfer to a subsequent owner of a product that may still be under the two year warranty, support did not address this what so ever, so I still don’t know if I purchase a less than two year old product if the warranty is still in effect, either registered by the previous owner or not.

While SS support seems to do well with addressing other users repairs/replacement of problem products, they seem to have fallen down on support for what should be a couple of simple easily answered questions. Quite disappointing…

I’ve attached a PDF of the email which conveys my questions and supports responses. Read from bottom up.

BeatBuddy Support support 2.pdf (217.2 KB)

In case you are still in the market-I have a BeatBuddy with the external pedal and sync cable I will sell for $150.00 plus shipping (probably $20-25 to double box via UPS).

Pristine condition, came from Sweetwater 9/3/18 and not registered.
I have Paypal and Venmo-live in N. Louisiana.