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Yes I’ve heard a friends beatbuddy, want to buy one, checking them out on ebay some have a faded beatbuddy logo, some have simple block logo, is that an older newer situation? If anybody got one for sale please msg me, need the full pro model… And is it difficult to add new drums /songs… I have solo/duo act looking forward to getting beat buddy… Where to “best” buy from in uk, would be good, prices seem all over the place ha… Cheers Dave

Just the logo has changed, the faded logo is the old logo

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I hope you get one. I no longer play gigs, but a game changer for my bass player and myself (guitar) for long weekend jams to relieve the stresses of life (job, kids, wives, etc). I will be honest and say I am not a real techno/gadget type. But I now load/run/write/etc for the BB with no issues. There was a learning curve of course. Patience is key. Most of us are probably pretty adept at the instruments we play and patience can be trying when you are “good” at making music. Rule #1… search this forum for answers. Probably safe to say whatever it is you are trying to figure out has been asked and answered here. And if you cannot find it, just ask on this forum. A good community of knowledgeable folks here that will help. Loading songs is a breeze once you learn the proper way to do it. Best of luck!

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I’ve just heard of a beatbuddy that’s 2yrs old don’t know it’s life, I guess it still will upgrade, it’s that scare of buying second hand at a price, or pay full best price I can find, any advice guys is there a potential prob with two yrs old model?

Depends on how and where it was used. If it was used outdoors by a full time gigging musician, the mechanical switches may have received their fair share of wear and tear along with the top knobs and side volume control. If you can do a hands-on evaluation and it appears to be well cared for, it’s probably gonna work well for you. Check that it comes with the original PSU and an SD card. Test all of the connections, the output and input jacks; the power jack should not interrupt power to the pedal if you jiggle it—it should seat firmly. The knobs should not be wobbly and that the push functions of the knobs work. Make sure the display lights up when plugged in. Bonus points if it also includes the MIDI sync adapter cable, remote for switch and MIDI patch cables.

I’ve bought demo gear from Sweetwater and it’s been like new with a bit of a discount.


I buy from Sweetwater, too.

I buy from Sweetwater, often if I want guaranteed 2 day delivery, amazing packaging or just use their interst-free (syncrony card) loans. But for this pedal I went to a local shop.

The local shops are dying. And there will be no way to try-before-you-buy anymore if we don’t support them.