Buzzing noise coming from BB

Well I have a buzzing noise coming out of the BB and hence through the PA cant hear it when the beat is going but in between songs its making a weird hissing buzzing sound, kind of sounds like interference or a squeeling.Could it be some kind of electrical interference from computer ,or something close by.Its not the lead tried a few so defs not that .Has anyone got any ideas?

Computers, fluorescent lights, and, likewise, neon lights can cause all kinds of electrical interference that gets picked up by the PA. Other than getting away from them, there is little you can do to squelch the interference. Conditioned power supplies can help. A rack EQ that lets you squelch tight ranges can help. At least, let’s hope that’s the issue. Otherwise, something can be going wrong with one of the chips or connections in the BB. If you do get it narrowed down to the BB contact Singular Support and see what they can do for you.

One more thing that can cause noise in the chain - the power supply for the BB itself, or the power supplies for any of your other pedals or gear.

I second what Phil Flood says about other pedals power supplies. I have a Reverb pedal that runs off a 12v power adaptor and it was plugged in next to my BB adaptor. It was causing a hum. Moving the AC adaptor made the hum disappear.

Before you contact Support, try reinstalling the firmware to your card or try another card. I know I sound like the PC help desk goober that always tells you to reboot your computer :confused: but it’s another step in the troubleshooting process.

It is definately the BB and none of my other fx I dont put it in the fx chain I run it seperately.I was thinking it could even be the SD card.I have the adaptor in the same power board as my other adaptors.Maybe it is like you said the adaptor itself.IF so can I use an adaptor other than the BB adaptor like a boss adaptor.Is it 9 volt?

Thanx ‘persist’.I have a back up card will try that ,Im not quite sure how to reinstall firmware to card …any links that can help ?thanx so much

You need a minimum of 300ma output, per an earlier reply by BB support. 9volt, , DC, negative center, 300 milliamperes minimum.

ps Phil what is a conditioned power supply?

Place the card in your computer slot reader and drag the 5 firmware files to the top level of your SD card.

where / what are the 5 firmware files? forgive my ignorance

2nd link on the page. Follow the instructions.

A conditioned power supply is essentially a multi outlet power tap that has been engineered to provide steady current while also providing surge protection. Furman make a range of them at various price points.