Cable driver for RC-3 looper

Couldn’t the Beatbuddy drive “start and Stop” of a looper like Boss RC-3 ?

How to simulate the very natural and usefull “Count-In” witch stop te record when te tempo is finished ?

If you are asking which cable you need to connect the BeatBuddy to your RC-3, it’s the MIDI adaptor cable that Singular Sound sells for $15. You’ll also need a male-to-male MIDI cable. Before you try to connect the BB and your looper, you might want to search this forum to see what other users have had to say about the Boss RC-3. It doesn’t play very friendly with MIDI.

Thanks but RC-3 is not a midi pedal, so I need a single signal, like a foot switch but using midi output from BeatBudy.

I immagine BeatBuddy could crate this interface whitch could work for a lot of loopers

Not even sure it would make a difference. Drum machines and loopers work best with midi. I would not even look at a drum machine without MIDI, that would be insane, not just start and stop but a host of things midi does. The BeatBuddy works excellent with MIDI, im stumped as to why someone would buy a drum machine without midi it is that crucial.

Would this solution be ok ?

Possibly, but likely not. It would depend on how that Stop/Memory shift jack works. It only has these connections.

INPUT A Jack: 1/4" phone type
INPUT B Jack: 1/4" phone type
AUX IN Jack: Stereo miniature phone type
OUTPUT A Jack: 1/4" phone type
OUTPUT B Jack: 1/4" phone type
STOP/MEMORY SHIFT Jack: 1/4" TRS phone type
USB Connector
DC IN Jack (DC 9 V)

A, B and the Aux in are all audio connections. The relay that you found sends out control voltage. It would be useful, for example, for switching channels on an amp that uses CV. If the memory shift jack allows a start and stop control, it might work. You really need to research the functions of the RC-3 before getting the relay.

Did you check the right device ?

I see jacks 6,3 m, witch is the standard for foot switch isn’it ?

Right. I was referring to the inputs on the RC-3. Does the RC 3 allow for both a remote start and stop command from an external footswitch? Also, the RC-3 is setup to accept a TRS connector. Does the relay accept a TRS or just a TS, i.e., does it accept a stereo cable or just a mono cable. Again, it may work, but these are questions you need to reseach. I do not have an RC-3, so I do not know. I have used Midi Solutions boxes for other applications, and they do make a very good product.